21 Months

The last month you got quite a bit more social, you tend to have your own agenda and show more what you like and what you don’t. If you’re willing, you understand simple recurring sentences like “Can you put that in the trash bin” (takes the trash and dumps it into the bin) or “Do you want some milk/water/drink?” (Goes to the pantry and points to the space where the bottles are). Still doesn’t like talking, but knows random words, especially if they relate to cars, books or food ;) We love to play ball with you, you can throw them (the small ones really good, but also the big one), and you manage to build the train track together almost by yourself if given enough time. You love walks, even if it’s just a quick escape into the garden (but that’s why we love living here, in the rural area of the Tasman). You have grown, inside and out, go on little fella, you rock!

You have gotten very quick lately! Whenever Dad is sneaking out to do some work at his office, you just know and run after him :)
Cute father-son cuddle while breakfasting.
As soon as the battery is refilled, he can carry on doing his toddler things, and most of all he likes to involve Mum and Dad in his play.
Playing makes hungry, a quick banana is always right.
Or an hour walking in Motueka, including all the playgrounds.
In the following a few pictures of our son eating.
Yes, he uses a spoon, sometimes even two, but the rest of the Apfelkompott wants to be sipped, clearly.
Sometimes it also needs a rescue from the plastic bib.
Aw, this went a bit awry. Too much pressure, the aim would have been quite right, but it was just too much at once :)
Once a day he has a meal with us, and he’s really into meat!
Following the weka around the house.
With Dad, discussing cars and things that go.
He really has a point!
Bringing the trains from the book to life on his play table.
Cuddling with teddy.
Trying on Dad’s jumper.
Ready for another round of truck and bricks.
Resting on Dad’s couch at the office.
Resting on our living room couch.
Artsy siblings!
Walking Kina Beach.
That’s where all the cool pebbles are.
And we love to stack them!
Dad gotta hold the best pebbles (for later).
Walking a bit further, so the feet get exercised more.
Arriving at the playground at McKee Reserve.
Swinging with Dad.
These guys are awesome!
Still not really comfy to crawl through the barrel, but that’s ok.
Truckie fun!
After dinner giggles.
Loving to bathe!
Sweet strawberry nutella bueno pizza! Happy anniversary, sweetie!


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