Sleepout base and framing

A couple of months ago we started hosting wwoofers to help us keeping up with the weeds. Our two girls temporarily had to share a bedroom while wwoofers were here, but that’s not a long term solution really. So we decided to build a little sleepout. These are very common in New Zealand and don’t require a building consent if they’re not larger than 10 m2. The project will probably keep me busy for the next few months. It’s certainly a steep learning curve to get used to all the local building practices and building code requirements.

Preparing the poles with a chisel
Aligning the poles and bearers
Putting concrete in
Base joists assembly on a rainy day
Insulating the floor on a sunny day
Hundreds of screws holding the floor boards down
Looks like an empty canvas to paint on
Left wall framing
Right wall framing with a window
All walls prepared
Two walls up
Four walls up