Sleepout roof and walls

Not much progress with the sleepout lately, as we’ve been busy planting trees again.
April: The roof is on!
May: No more rain inside, with the (ugly) RAB boards on and the windows in.
(Peeking around the corner.)
June: My favorite job #1: Getting the soffit boards up.
My favorite job #2: Putting itchy pink batts overhead.
Yay, even more pink batts!
My favorite job #3: Holding up ply boards and nailing upside down.
Meanwhile in the garage: Lazy tools lying around.
No more visible pink batts!
July: Premiere for my new angle grinder: Window flashings.
Heaps of battens waiting to be painted.
More painting…
Even more painting…
Yeah, still painting… don’t ask…
Look, there are some new houses in the neighborhood (just for reference)!