Able in Tasman

One of our favourite destinations:
Into the Abel Tasman National Park (by taxi)
It’s almost an hour to Anchorage
and on the way they always stop at the split apple and Adele Island (for the seals)
But after a while of flying on the water
and with all the tourists running away on the track like beestung
we took our time to discover some hidden beaches
… especially lovely at high tide.
From here with the waterproof gopro :P
Arielle and Arista, mermaid sisters.
Through the tunnel.
Another gem.
But all good things end and we went off to see new ones:
Anchorage from above.
Discussion on the way.
Bark mushroom that looks like Verena’s sunhat.
Torrent Bay Estuary
The Torrent River
Such a stunning green!
Quails watch us passing by.
Near the Cleopatra’s pools.
Finally! Find a rock, everybody!
But don’t get swept away.
Just sitting, having lunch and watching the eels can be enough for a while.
The eels???
Yeah, imagine you wouldn’t notice it until it nibbles away on your toes.
Safe on the shore.
Upper Torrent River.
Back to the Beach, right through the estuary.
Just follow the stream.
And suddenly you’re back.
Maybe your shoes need a rinse.
Relax from the exhausting walk.
Watch the birds.
And the elephant that’s just coming through the stone arch.
Anchorage, the tide is going down.
I’m sure he has an interesting storyline.
Let’s do the Pitt Head walk before we leave!
Stunning Manuka forests.
Tired wanderers.
Te Pukatea Beach.
Ridgeline path.
View to the West.
OK, after all that sand we need ice cream and a shower :)


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