On the Road

Some pics that didn’t fit in anywhere but needed to be shared cause they show a bit the “behind the scenes”

Our journey over the steps of the Grand Staircase.
The beautiful purple interior style of our apartment for the night.
The face of a random town on the way.
Being on the road doesn’t always mean you’re driving – our first jam in the middle of nowhere.
Industrial herbs and magic suitcase for food improvement.
An after lunch nap in Mum’s puffy jacket.
The Barn, where we stayed before entering Bryce.
Such a rustic place, so cool!
Little C. is in good spirits ;)
When the night comes, the oven must be warm…
Chilly morning on the porch.
Lunch on the move again.
Food is an important matter, not only for us (here the home made corn tortillas with salsa, corned beef in beefy sauce and guacamole) but also for the locals.
Very important: Having a whole section in the veggie isle dedicated to peppers.
Also stunning is the choice on the dried herbs wall. Cumin and cinnamon are the only other spices that stick out to me, all the rest is chillies of all kinds.
Here the primary veggie display – chillies, more chillies, chokos, taro root and cactus leaves …
Not important at all: Toilet paper. It’s usually so thin you could read through it.
Cooking bottle soup.
Drying rack for baby suits.
On the road. Apart from the really beautiful nosed trucks there’s a natural bridge to be seen here!
The next airbnb, the walk in picture lol
Dinner made from left over magic. Yes, a lot of magic happening here :D
Little C. gets more active every day, his resting hours less and he’s very attentive and curious, we usually stay more than one night in a town so the times in the baby shell are not too long.
Couldn’t be more in love!


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