Utah Toadstools

The immense Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument contains many attractions that are somewhat hidden, which can be visited for free. The Toadstool Hoodoos are one of them and make for a great stop between some of the area’s major natural attractions.

Stopping just because we needed a break, and also the hills around here look great.
The geological area between Paria and Wahweap Rivers seems to be prone to forming hoodoos, we learn.
So we go looking for the promised toadstools. It’s an easy 1 hour walk (or more if you decide to investigate further, there’s a lot to see)
The path through the rimrocks is narrow and we’re lucky the river is dry at the moment, so we use both, main road and river bed to get forward.
Not long after we’re greeted be the most impressive of them all, just standing there with its companion rocks, with hat and all.
A toadstool family!
The Toadstools were created when boulders rolled off the adjoining cliffs, they form when a softer rock erodes away, leaving a column sheltered from the elements.
Time to turn around!
A hiker left this footprint in the mud and conservated (maybe forever)
After the mud flows, the ground dries out completely, leaving only broken crusts.
We descent back into the valley where the parking lot is.
One last look back.


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