Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon, with its layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history.

I – Afternoon Arrival

After an exhausting drive we can’t just check in the lodge before checking out the views ;)
And it’s so much bigger than we remember it! Signs say it is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide and attains a depth of over 1.857 meters.
All these rock layers have a huge part of all the information boards, but the main attraction here of course is the cut itself.
After all the layers were deposited, tectonic uplift and then erosion followed, forming this masterpiece of touristic America.
These pictures are taken from the South Rim, where the Visitor Center is, overlooking the higher North Rim.
There even is a color palette color that is named “Canyon Red”. Now we know why.
Holding on to the railing we stare across the wide open.

II – A glorious Morning

Just a few minutes before the expected sunrise I got woken up and quickly dragged to the car to see the first bright rays touch the rim.
Having seen the big gap in different light situations already, I have to say this is my favorite.
The hand rail is ready to be hung over!
The golden glow hangs over the table tops.
We’re not alone, even more people are swarming the lookouts than there were yesterday in the evening.
The shadows will soon lift to reveal the valleys and gorges beyond.
It will be a beautiful day :)
Most of the vistas are on the main rim walk, which is just a few km around the visitor center.
Helped selfies.
Canyon Red in action,

III – Good-Byes

Check out from the hotel was swift after sleeping in for longer than we thought.
Breakfast on the go, as come canyons.
The two C’s posing for the “I was here” shot.
Autumn has arrived here, too. The yellow tones are not only in the stones, also in the leaves.
What looks like a kid leaning on a hammock is actually a tree (plus a kid).
Colors are even brighter in sunshine today.
Good to have some blue skies in the pictures as well ;)
The Colorado River meandering through the canyons.
Some of these could soon hang in our hallway at home.
It was breathtaking to see it for ourselves, again.
Hopefully we’ll make it back in another 20 years!


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