4 Months!

We’re taking huge baby-steps this month. Not only did we successfully upgrade to diaper size 3, we also cleared out all clothing that’s smaller than 6 months because it didn’t fit anymore, and also to save precious luggage space and weight for our upcoming flight to Europe.

Just a few weeks ago little C discovered that his hands can do more than just waving uncontrollably around. There is no going back now, everything that can be grabbed will be grabbed and slowly moved to the mouth. Yum.

Other than that, we mastered the art of giggling when tickled, learned to sit in the stroller (and in a high chair!) and figured out how to sleep longer than mum and dad at night. Usually between 7 and 10 hours in one go, woohoo!

There are so many things to do for a four months old baby
Like studying the ABC
Or maybe that’s a bit too ambitious?
Let’s stick with looking around curiously
Taking baths
Looking happy
Looking surprised!
Sitting in the stroller
Exploring town
Being carried around while looking very seriously
Checking out dad’s hat
Driving large SUVs
Doing some computer shit
Baking pretzels
And falling asleep