Torrent Bay

Weekend, leave everything behind, grab your sunscreen and lunch boxes, first aid kit and towels and – go! This time we’re taking a water taxi to Abel Tasman’s Torrent Bay and walk 7,5 km to Bark Bay where we’re picked up again later in the afternoon. At Torrent Bay, there’s quite a big private owned property within the national park, a little village with two roads, a toilet, even a telephone box and about a dozen little baches. Nice place for a summer holiday home! The adventurous part of living there is, that ships cannot come ashore at high tide and when it’s low you still have to take off your socks and shoes at departure, jumping into the water (which turned out to be tigh deep, haha). But hell, it was fun, even wenn Anna dropped her sunhat from the landing into the water and I had to do an additional rescue mission for that one, followed by undressing our wet trousers and hanging them for a dewatering …


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