Towers Bay

The wonders of Towers Bay are numerous … the obvious, the split apple, a granite rock sitting just offshore, is only one of them. Most interesting for me: The granite, which is very granular and the components washed out over time produce the most delightful little quartz squares and rectangles. For Verena’s class 1 start in February we got to bring 20 stones in a pouch and we’re still figuring out which of our collected stones we like best so far. The Towers Bay squares are top, as are the glassy white quartz pebbles of Able Tasman and also the flat opaque white stones of Kaikoura. Good guess that the Motueka River Valley has something to offer on this case, too. But … there are also caves in Towers Bay – some are just small caverns, others form arches and pathways to other holes that open into the sea. One of them broke from above an can be climbed in or entered via cave walk. Quite a show, that one!

At high tide there’s no escape from these caves …

Almost 6 months around and still places to discover and walks to go.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)