Christmas as usual?

It’s late December in Queenstown, christmas promotions and kitchy songs everywhere and people go shopping like it was their last day on earth (well, actually it’s just only ONE public holiday on the 25th when all shops are closed). So far that sounds familar to us – if there wasn’t the ‘summer’ aspect at all. It really feels weird and it’s almost impossible to get into a real christmas mood here in NZ when the sun is shining at 30°C. So we grabbed some red Santa Claus hats and went ‘downtown’ the little tourist mile. The streets were full of artists presenting their skills, but there was nothing more inviting than having a Turkish kebap for lunch.

Right! Look right!!

The Queenstown mile

Artist playing his ball

Traktor boat

Smiley gliding

Massive steam boat arriving in Queenstown with a loud horn

Goin' swimming!

Piece of art

Hello down there?

Since we could not find ANY place to buy a christmas tree for the last 1500 km, we had to cut one from the forest with our kitchen knife. There were hundreds of nice little trees so we assumed one tree wouldn’t be missing at all. (If you’re the land owner of this piece of wood – for details see photos below – please feel free to send us a tax invoice for the tree.)

Selecting the best of the bad

It wasn't me!

Here it is, our wonderful strong and perfectly straight tree in a flower vase in front of the kitchy fake fireplace in our motel living room:

We've got everything ready: Christmas tree, presents, fireplace and children

Christmas dinner 2012: Emsi’s experimental cooking with limited motel kitchen utensils

Roasted New Zealand lamb leg on vegetables with a Sauvignon Blanc from our ‘home’ town Motueka:

Christmas dinner: Roasted lamb leg on vegetables

Usually New Zealand’s Santa Claus leaves the presents during night and children can find them on the next morning in socks. However, it seems that our Santa got some influence by the Austrian Christkind this year. After the kids went to bed, just a few minutes later their presents just appeared below the tree and the kids ran down the staircase in a hurry to see their unexpected early surprises:

Can't wait to open the boxes!!

Surprise, surprise

Now there is even playmobil in new zealand! Thanks to family Fellner in Austria.

Anna with her new camera