Goat Bay

Which walk? Abel Tasman Track, of course. Never give up on that one :)  But the path between Totaranui and Goat Bay had been damaged badly so, at first, we didn’t know if we could actually go there because earlier this year we heard of ship transport opportunities between Totaranui and Awaroa. Hm. It turned out that some die-hard Kiwis had ripped a whole new track out of the forest with heavy gear. Not evenly at the coast but straight up the hill right to the top and down on the other side. However, we were glad that we got the chance to go there. Wanted to go for a swim but then the big stingray in the surf convinced us that sitting in the sand would just as good.  Then the sandflies hit. Repellent or not, it’s unsettling when a dozen tiny bloodsuckers circle around you … :D

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