Everything has changed today

We’ve booked our flights back home today. We knew that they are only going to be more expensive if we wait even longer. Most interestingly, the best flight options are not available in July when our visas expire. Shall we take a more complicated and more expensive one or go back a little bit earlier? That’s the big question. We tried to remember the quite cold wintertime in NZ, then thought about experiencing the upcoming summer in Austria and then quickly decided to take an earlier flight back. It’s set: On June 9th we’ll leave the country!

Booking the flights was a logical and straightforward procedure, but it somehow changed everything in our minds. From now on it’s counting down day by day and we start to realize how show a year really is. We have still a lot of places in our “wanna-see”-list. But autum holidays are coming soon and summer doesn’t seem to end ever this year.