Motueka Inlet Circuit

After almost a year, there still are some places where we have never seen, like the Inlet Walk. If we haven’t had a date at the rec center, we’ve never found the starting point at the community gardens. Btw, it’s a much nicer thing to do at high (or at least medium) tide, can be smelly, this one. Especially the part from York to Link Park, where the new boarding walk crosses a calm area of inlet within the inlet. Laughter and busy play we found at the Motueka Skateboard Park, where steep pipes and grim cart courses invite youths to spend their time.

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Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)

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  • hallo,
    schreibe aus dem noch nahezu winterlichen Salzburg mit großer Wehmut, wenn ich euer Klima und die schöne Landschaft sehe.
    man sieht, es geht euch gut. Genießt die Zeit noch, es ist bald Juli, aber dann ist es bei uns auch bestimmt schön und warm


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