Happy Birthday, Verena!

What a day … Verena’s best friend Keala stayed for a sleepover and we started the day with a very relaxed mega breakfast: Grapefruit, muesli, pancakes and tea (what a wonderful way to wake up!). At school, Christian and I attended class 1 for the morning circle and the big news was … Verena’s birthday, a short story of her birth (I did tell) and the gluten and dairy free coconut muffins (which were really yummy, I’ll archive the recipe). At 1 pm Amy (thanks again!) and I picked up the 7 little party guests and brought them to our home, where ready made pizza waited for us. Finishing that off quickly, a parade of games (three legged race, bottle throw, apple run etc) fiddled away the time until _the_cake_ :) The beautiful strawberry marzipan cake with the chocolate “7” was the star – more games until 4 made a smooth finish and after the last kiddo was taken home we all were spreadable. Our now 7 year old princess turned out to be a little feverish and was losing her voice too and fell asleep as soon as touching her cushions …



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