Organizing the big move

I admit it, I love organizing things. Well, that’s what I do day by day, so no real surprise here I suppose.

  1. Found a new Limited company (it’s incredibly simple to start up a new business in NZ, all online) ✓
  2. Set up local bank accounts ✓
  3. Find a good tax advisor/accountant ✓
  4. Ensure we get places at school for our little girls ✓
  5. Book the flights (Emirates A380 again, via Dubai and Brisbane) ✓
  6. Gather some knowledge about ship container relocations (quite expensive) ✓
  7. Find a nice house to live in for the first couple of weeks until xmas holidays ✓
  8. Find holiday accomodations for summer holidays ✓
  9. Inform the Austrian school and everyone else that we’re about to leave in October ✓
  10. Put the Austrian home on the housing market ✓
  11. Buy a piece of land in Motueka to build a new house on… WHAT!? Yes, we dared to buy a beautiful site on the other side of Earth which we have never seen in real before. Crazy? We will see when we get there. ;)