One week to go

Just a short update on our progress with relocating to Motueka:

The past few weeks have been quite busy. Rule #1: “Don’t forget anything!”. Everything we miss to organize now will be much more hassle when we’re 18,249 kms away from Austria. Our house it not yet sold, but that doesn’t prevent us from moving, it will just delay building process of our new home a bit.

Boxes everywhere 141013_0015_1600

Most of our stuff is already either dumped, given away for the flea market or packed in one of the 40 cardboard boxes we have already filled. Parts of the furniture that we intend¬†to take with us is already disassembled and wrapped in cardboard, however the beds will be very last things to get ready for the ship container. We have ordered a half-sized 20 feet container (about 6 x 2.5 x 2.5m) which should be large enough to store everything we have. It will be delivered on our very last Friday in Austria and picked up on Monday morning, a few hours before our flight in Munich departs. In theory, it should arrive in Motueka at our new site 8-10 weeks later. We’re a bit worried about pirate waters in Somalia and South Eastern Asia that it needs to cross. It’s not about the cash value of the stuff we have, but there are many memories that ideally shouldn’t get lost. We’ll see. As it will take us at least one year to move into our new house, we’ve bought the ship container, so we can leave it at our site for the time being.