Our little piece of land

Our friends’ comments ranged from “That was a bold move!” to “Okay, that was really brave of you.”. Buying 13,870 m2 of land that we never saw in real, located on the other side of earth, remotely via the internet sounds too crazy? Not for us. :)

We were so excited to see ‘our hill’ for the very first time when we arrived in town. Our first conclusion: It was worth the risky purchase!

I just couldn’t forgive myself if that site would have been sold in the meantime if we would have waited until our arrival.

The following aerial video was made in June (remember: deep winter time!) using a quadcopter. You can see the already created flat building platform that is more than 1000 m2.

It’s time to get in touch with an architect (as well as with a farmer to buy some sheep, as there is already plenty of very high grass)!