The tree fella

Two massive gumtrees (aka eucalyptus)  at the hill top on our neighbor’s site blocked our morning sun, so we kindly asked them if we were allowed to remove them. “OK, no worries, if you pay for removing them!” he said, and two hours later the trees were lying on our ground. Enough firewood to keep us warm next winter! And excellent timing to cut the trees down because the next day our fence guys came to create the last part of our new perimeter fence on that side of our property.

Side note: In NZ they always cut the trees in ~30cm chunks when they’re freshly cut. Ready to split in woodburner sized pieces before they dry out. In Austria they would rather cut a tree in 1m large chunks, split them later and let them dry for a year or two and then cut them into 3 x 30 cm pieces. The result is the same though. :)

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