Luminate 2015 festival

An eco friendly, family friendly music festival? Yes, seriously.

The Luminate key facts: 4000 hippies (and wannabes) camping for a whole week on top of Takaka hill (Canaan Downs), far away from electricity or cellphone coverage, without any alcohol (!), having fun dancing at three different music stages (from drums to electronic music) and learning about eco topics at various workshops – leaving no waste behind.

We’ve never heard about anything similar so this was definitely a must-do for us and we have missed the festival back in 2013.

It took us some time to set up the family tent that we’ve bought back in Autria before we filled the ship container. I have to admit is was more comfortable than I’d have imagined, but after several days I really felt the urge for a real bed again.

The “opening ceremony” was remarkable. A huge fire was set up in the center of a massive doline and it didn’t take long until a sweet smell of weed came up and the first crazy guys started to dance around the fire completely naked. A few minutes later, dozens of others joined them and didn’t stop jumping back and forth for many many hours. So much about the ‘drug-free’ festival. ;)

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