Chopping firewood

“How hard can it be to split a few dozens of logs?” – I thought. Okay, so I went to Mitre10 to buy an axe. Didn’t dare to buy the biggest one as it felt quite heavy and I thougt it would be used to fell trees. Back on our hill in the evening (as it was too hot during the day), I prepared a nice stand and swung the axe as hard as possible. HELL! That’s gonna be a tough job, I realized that moment. 10 minutes later I somehow managed to break the handle of the axe. I really should have bought the larger one.

The next day: Mitre10 was so kind to refund the broken axe and credit it against the biggest one they had. $80. Back on our hill top I realized it’s still a bloody hard job to split all the logs, especially the thick ones. It turned out eucalyptus is one of the harder woods you can have around here and two weeks of drying in the summer sun didn’t make the job easier at all.

But at least I managed to split a clearly visible heap of logs in two days’ evenings. The following day someone came with a professional splitter…

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