The kitchen is in!

The guys from Bays Joinery did a great job with our kitchen. They didn’t fight my unusual design concept and managed to create maybe the largest bamboo bench top ever seen in New Zealand. :)

Our design considerations were:

  • We want to look into the room while cooking, not onto a wall. Hence the island with hob and sink.
  • Dish washer, microwave and oven should be at a perfect elevated height to avoid bending over to use them. Hence the high back wall style.
  • We want to have short ways between sink and dish washer and between working area, fridge-freezer and pantry.
  • We need plenty of storage cabinetry and an area for breakfast stools.
  • All appliances must be as quiet as possible. Hence the Miele brand and fridge-freezer built into the wall.
  • The induction hob should be larger than standard (80 cm) and flush mounted at the bench top.
  • The bench top should be timber, but as hard and durable as possible. Hence the compressed bamboo.

We’ll see if this is going to be the perfect kitchen design for us. :)

Plenty of white boxes in the living room
Plenty of white boxes in the living room
The oven - center piece of the kitchen
The oven – center piece of the kitchen
Giving a hint on the final shape
Giving a hint of the final shape
Tadaaa! It's up
Tadaaa! It’s up
Hob and sink still missing
Gaps for the hob and the sink in the massive bamboo bench top