Autumn holidays! Day 4: Petone Pier, Weta Workshop, Minigolf, Red Rocks

Petone Pier is probably not the most well-known tourist attraction in Wellington, but on a wind-still morning like this, it comes with a very unique flair.

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Exceptional wood-works at Old St. Paul’s church. Only the souvenir shop at the front is a bit unnecessary:

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We did a tour at the Weta Workshop, where they create all the fancy rubber-items for famous movies:

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Driving around in the old suburbs of Wellington:

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Found a funny minigolf location, oviously created by a steel collector and artist (impressive!):

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Last stop of our journey today: Red Rocks reserve. But the walk was too long after an exhausting day, so we commonly agreed to take those red bricks for the red rocks and postpone that walk for another occasion.

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