Visiting the Natural Flames in Murchison

At some hidden spots in the middle of the forest in Murchison, gas comes out of the ground. Decades ago, someone lit one of them. It’s burning since then.

What started as a silly thing back in 1922 became a nice business for the guides at the Natural Flames, who offer half-day tours to visit them. You can’t go there on your own, as you must cross private farmland and the owners are not really keen on visitors it seems.

The 4 hour tour is quite cool, even when it rains. It’s an easy bush walk, about one hour up to the flames. Highlight of the day is making pancakes on the open fire. :)

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Smelling oil that comes out of an abandoned drilling site

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Strawberry fungus (not edible!)

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Said to be a very rare native orchid

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King’s pouch – purple mushroom

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Pepper tree tasting

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Scary tree trunk bridge

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The fudge box :)