Summer Holidays 2017: Orokonui Ecosanctuary

Orokonui Ecosanctuary is the flagship biodiversity project for the South Island
where multiple species of plants and animals
are protected from predators.
A predator fence surrounds 307 hectares of Coastal Otago forest,
pests have been removed,
habitat enhanced with weed control and planting,
and many rare and endangered species re-introduced.
Walk through
a ferny wonderland
with paths leading deep into the bush.
The clearance: Lunch time!
Kaka also has lunch.
Nervously eyed by the blackbird.
This is how it should look everywhere, no traces of predators or foraging mammals.
The NZ bellbird
The Tui
Looking a bit grumpy about beeing watched while eating?
Mum or Dad Korimako.
And birds have tongues!
The best bird photo experience we’ve had so far.
Kaka in the trees.
It flipped over in an attempt to clean its wings.
And there’s always one more kaka that needs to be pictured.
View from the main building.


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