Summer Holidays 2017: Mount Cook

With very good news from the weather front
we started off Oamaru early
because it’s a long journey to visit Mount Cook
and go back in one day.
Passing by Duntroon and Kurow,
we crossed the South Island once more.
In total a 4 hour drive,
with a stop at the Aviemore Hydro Station,
overlooking Lake Waitaki
and the Waitaki River in the distance.
The straight roads really tempt to speed.
And then there it is: Peter’s Lookout with the big parking, lots of tourists are already there :)
Sometimes you have to have priorities.
Mine is not to miss any foto-opportunity.
No side valley,
lonely bridge,
or waterfall escapes the lense!
Just another 20 km!
In the Tasman Valley, nothing looks like in Tasman.
The further we drive, the more it looks like Austria :P
The green “Blue Lakes” of the Tasman Glacier.
Marlborough rock daisy with a butterfly.
The Tasman Valley.
Tasman Glacier and Tasman Lake with two unwitting extras.
These little icecubes on the lake are not little at all.
Close up of Mount Cook.
Walking the Hooker Track. First suspension bridge coming up!
Mueller Lake and River.
Mount Cook from Kea Lookout.
Glacier on Mount Sefton.
Same glacier, more waterfalls.
Last look back over the shoulder.
On the way back.
Cool views.
Cool cars.
Can pls everybody paint their cars like that?
The most beautiful day sandwiched between two rainy episodes. Thank you for showing yourself today :)