Summer Holidays 2017: Christchurch Museums

Iwi Tawhito – whenua hou: One of the permanent exhibitions in the Canterbury Museum.
Dioramas and life-size displays tell stories of early Maori tribes.
Fish hooks made of bone, wood and stone.
Mere, and other patu, were used for close-quarter fighting.
Cultural heritage.
Fred and Myrtle’s Paua Shell House, a kiwiana legend.
Shell board.
Mountfort Gallery
Beautiful detail of a porcelain lid.
Air New Zealand 75 Years!
Experience the romance and glamour of flying through the stories of airline staff and customers.
Explore Air New Zealand’s 75 years of growth and innovation.
Wander through a replica Solent flying boat and DC-8 cabins.
Transport yourself into the future of flying with a virtual reality inflight experience.
Bird Hall: See beautiful displays and dioramas of all our native species of birds, including those that are rare
or extinct.
Geology: Highlights of the exhibition include a huge amethyst geode, the mounted skeleton of an Allosaurus dinosaur and the bones of the huge predatory marine reptile the mosasaur collected and identified by Museum staff in North Canterbury.
Very bright stone.
Quake City: Ongoing Exhibition at ReStart, information about the 2011 quake
that devastated the city.