February in pictures

Our favourite swimming hole at the flying pig.
With the Motueka River Swing, second edition.
Buying water melons at Fraser’s.
Christian’s creating a new masterpice:
Permanent clothesline!
Others have fun watering the flowers.
Introducing our latest catch to the existing flock.
Big eyes on each side.
Boer goats are meat-goats with hanging ears, they don’t jump a lot.
We’ll see. At least they’re friendlier and not so scared all the time (as sheep are). They actually look like tailwagging dogs when they see you and come running for you.
A visit to our favourite organic shop in Nelson
where everybody finds their own treats.
And to the Nelson Saturday Market.
Shopping for bread
lovely music
and photos.
School starts again.
A refurbished classroom for Verena.
And a strawberry birthday cake for Anna.
Dramatic sundown on the hill.
At night.
But not everybody sleeps.


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