Saturday in Golden Bay

We haven’t been to the other side of the Takaka Hill for quite a while, so we thought we would go there today, despite the rainy start of the day and the still chilly winter temperatures. But it somehow turned out to be a sunny summer day. :)

First stop: Hawkes Lookout on top of Takaka Hill. A few smaller showers in the Tasman region.
Just a few boats towed at Waitapu Wharf.
Things you can find on a forgotten wharf.
Plenty of rust, and a pier that will probably collapse very soon.
Leaf studies: Remarkable pattern on a glossy thick leaf. What is it?
Certainly a native tree here, but couldn’t remember its name too, sorry.
Can tell for sure that’s a tree fern at Pupu Springs!
That’s the same one.
And that one too. :)
A chaffinch (introduced finch).
Waiting for our lunch crumbs.
Seagulls fighting for the best place on the rock at the Pohara boat ramp.
A pair of oystercatchers running around.
Not entirely sure why they have wings, we always only see them running, and always in pairs.
And a seagull on a lantern. Enough details for today.