Apple Tree Bay and back

Anticipation before the walk.
Boats in the Marahau Inlet.
House sparrow – The population density in New Zealand is about 25 times that in comparable habitat in Europe.
Wetlands and the sea.
Wetlands with a home.
The fantail flies around to disturb insects, flushing them out before eating them.
On the Abel Tasman Motorway.
Black beech is named for its black trunk that is caused by fungi that form a thick covering over the bark.
Small waterfalls everywhere after the rain.
Weka, brown flightless rails, with their incurable curiosity and feisty, bold personalities .
Another beautiful beach.
Keyhole lookout.
Steaming trees along the path, yes, the sun has come out finally.
Stopover in a sunny niche.
Coquille Bay from above.
All shades of green.
Nearly there, I can see Fisherman Island already!
A glimpse of the sea.
Apple lunch at Appletree Bay.
The Caspian tern is the largest of all species of terns.
Loud piping is used by alarmed oystercatchers in territorial interactions.
Water Taxi taking sightseeing tourists to a faraway beach.


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