Saturday in Nelson

The kids made a list of how their ideal Saturday would look like:

1. Nelson Saturday Market

Buy something at the pottery?
Or some hippy clothing?
Or just watch the birds…
and the dogs?
No. But stop by at our favorite Chinese dumplings stall and we’re fine.

2. Clothes shopping!

(no pictures, fortunately)

3. Natureland Zoo

A tiny, but well maintained zoo near Tahunanui beach, with native birds (Kakariki).
And exotic monkeys. Don’t know why we never made it there before.
The meerkats are somehow funny.
Always watching out for predators.
And quickly hiding underground.
The porcupine is sleeping today.
Does anyone know the name of that reptile?
That’s a lemur, if I remember right.
I really like our rather small boer goats when I see those huge Toggenburg monsters.
Turkey. Ugly as always.
And some alpacas.
Dark as the night.

4. Tahunanui beach

Are you coming too?
The simplest games…
… are usually the most fun.
When I sit down, you go up!
Or not.
Fun on the way…
… back to the car.

5. Clothes shopping

(no pictures allowed again, sorry)

6. Ice cream

End of day. :)