Cherry blossom festival in Nelson

Going to Nelson via Tapawera.
The hop orchards are ready for planting.
The rolling hills of Tapawera.
Spring is here, even if some trees think otherwise.
Arriving at the Miyazu Japanese Garden in Nelson before the festival officially starts.
Loads of flowering cherries.
People already occupying the best spots.
Yes, we’re still in Nelson, not in Japan.
They did a great job on that garden with their Japanese sister city.
Japanese people everywhere!
And a few Chinese, selling dumplings, as usual.
Demonstration of Japanese calligraphy.
Thousands of visitors at this festival.
The local Karate club.
Showcasing their choreographies.
Kind of impressive.
Finishing with an artistic fight.
With timber sticks.
Enough karate for the day, let’s get some Japanese desserts and go home. 
And cook some Japanese inspired dinner.
And make a tea. :)