Europe 2018: Grand Tour

From the original Naturfreundehaus experience (you can hear people sneezing 2 rooms away and share a toilet and bathroom with 20 others (including floodings, latenight grillparties on the back lawn, snorers and insomniacs) to the perfect charming Hotel service in the Valois in one day: It just took us two saddles to get there, welcome to the Wallis!

First short stop: Lauterbrunnental
Der Staubbachfall ist fast so hoch wie der Eiffelturm!
Sagenhaft, dass man auch dahinter stehen kann (fast ohne nass zu werden)

Endless slopes up and down.
Because it’s so nice, we go again… Furkapass.
Mostly bikers here, but also classic car and tourists like us.
Snow still impressively high at midsummer.
Beautiful Switzerland.
As if Heidi would jump out of a bush any moment.
Waterfall detour.
Almost there.
Just looking around a bit.
M√ľnster in the italian part of the country.
Old houses in really good shape.
Hotel Post and the Golden Cross.
Lovely buildings.
Old gardens.
Interesting entrance concepts.
The local church.
Evening walk after a perfect dinner.


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