Europe 2018: Dolomiti

Today’s streets lead us from Meran over three passes to Cortina d’Ampezzo. Passo Costalunga (1.753 m), Passo Pordoi (2.239 m) and Passo Falzarego (2.105 m)

This small mountain lake
is well-known for its soft,
deep green waters and the exquisite view
of the Rosengarten and Latemar mountain ranges.
Random girl with a blue streak of hair.
Horses along the Via Carezza.
Horse meets horse-lover :)
On our way from Passo di Costalunga to the Pordoi.
One postcard picture
hunts the next, like the uncountable bikes that crossed our path.
For some fotos we took a short stop
and others were shot through the window
but every single one
has a dozen little brothers and sisters
that never made it to the blog ;)
Only 40 km to Cortina!
Only one more pass!
Little village on the way.
View into the valley.
A hidden smile.
Falzarego awaits you.
The name Falza Rego means false king in ladin
and refers to a king of the Fanes,
who was supposedly turned to stone
for betraying his people.
A gondola rises to the Lagazuoi (2762 m.),
which was the object of heavy combat and mine warfare
in World War I. The tunnel that the Italians built under the Austrian lines is open to the public.
A grim past for such beautiful mountains.
Two girls.
Hello, hello!
Rolling hills and super old sunken and lifted again ocean floor.
Monuments in the mountains.
One look back before it vanishes in the back mirror
and we arrive in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Via Cantore.
Parrocchiale SS Filippo e Giacomo – the main clock tower with adjacent church (not in the same building)
First one in the pool.


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