Rainbow Skiing

Day off at the Rainbow Ski Area near Saint Arnaud, at first it should have been a class camp of Verena’s class 6/7, then the rain forecast for Monday/Tuesday had it cancelled and turned Sunday into a Mum and kid’s adventure day! Yay!

Got up at 5:30, started at 6, arrived at 8, almost first up the hill!
The T-bar lift.
T-bar exit.
Posing just for the fun of it.
Happy in the snow.
A few swings and up again!
On the way to the West Bowl.
Bowl entry.
A very scenic place.
High Traverse.
The lake.
People on the lift.
People I know.
Shot from out of the pocket.
Yeah, it’s basically the only lift.
In the Morning, there were not so many people.
But that changed after lunch.
here was no more singles on the bar!
Verena, last time for the yellow trousers :)
Moon rises.
The snow that we threw into the sky got stuck.
Avalanche fences at the sides.
Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes.
On the ridge.
After clouds we now make stars.
And memories!
Later that afternoon: The way down.
Last face plant and snow angels.
Our 4×4.
Mountain ranges.
Argh! Ford?
Nothing does a ford like a Suzuki ;)
In the Wairau River Valley.
If you keep walking, you’ll eventually end up in Blenheim…


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