Cook Islands 2018: Aitutaki Lagoon

Coconut palms, white sand beaches, and the clearest azure waters we’ve ever seen.

On our way to the famous one foot island – random little islets in the shallow water.
Nearing one of them.
Swimming with the black trevally.
First in the water!
These impressive fish are really big.
Everybody in the water!
And don’t get eaten.
Double saddle butterflyfish.
A bit nearer.
Scissor tail sergeants.
Threespot wrasse close up.
Raft at the underwater slope.
Reef snorkelling.
Giant clam with baby blue devils.
The sergeants again.
And then, when everybody got on board again, party in the water!
Reef close up.
Another giant clam.
Off we go, next stop Honeymoon Island.
A perfect little islet, actually just a sandbar, but still perfect.
Just beautiful.
Throw away the fabric, just jump into the water!
Just have fun until the captain says let’s go!
Everybody back on board!
Next stop One Foot Island.
From the air it looks like a giant footprint.
There are many motu (cut off islets) in the area.
Lots of similar but different photo opportunities.
Some with familiar faces.
And uncountable palm trees.
Funny, since the coconut tree that’s here today isn’t even endemic to these islands.
It was introduced because the nuts of the original species were too small.
They grow the weirdest shapes.
Floating palm frond romantic.
Hugtime :)
No stopping me taking pictures of the crystal clear water.
Coral pieces on the beach.
Next stop: Birds and lunch.
Breeding tern in the bush.
Flying tern.
Another ;)
Baby tern waiting for mum to bring fish?
Taking snaps for chat.
Tern Island.
Lonely beach Island.
Felt a bit like a bunch of castaways.
While we arrive on shore
and are sent walking to the other side of the island
the ship crew prepares lunch.
Some time to take in the scenery.

Find new best friends.
Sit down in the shade and listen to grumbling stomachs.
Some boat pics to round it up…
also some clouds joining in.
Last call.
Back we go.
Bye bye paradise.


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