Abel Tasman

Weekend day trip to the NP, from Anchorage to Torrent Bay and back via Cleopatra’s Pool.

Everytime it starts with an apple…
Trying to outrun the weather with the water taxi.
The sun keeps shining.
Adele Island harbor.
The Torrent Swing.
Honeydew licking: 1, 2, go!
Ferns above.
Waiting for Mum.
Stream at Cleopatra’s Pool.
Heart shaped leave vine around a black beach tree trunk.
Love the fern trees!
Torrent River.
Luckily, the flats are still muddy (and not flooded).
Lonely tree.
Wekas, the almost-kiwis.
Coast line, seen from the water.
Coastline, seen from the coast.
The elephant.
What the elephant sees.
Still kids.
Wave patterns on the beach.
Is it our pick up boat?
No. Wait a bit longer and count the seagulls.
This is it, the kayak-y one.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)