The Home Office – Foundations

A new, multi use cabin on the main turn of driveway, leaning into the valley and rising against the sea.

Yay, we’re building – again!
Builders, setting out the site – corners, post hole positions etc.
The big hole drill!
Lots of holes.
Evening of the 5th of August: All posts are set and waiting to be fixed in place.
The slope.
Slope with prepared posts.
What a post wood.
Single and double holes.
And a very happy host.
These posts have to be cemented in!
And they come with the long trunk.
Now they need to be quick :)
Filling is finished, now we wait.
Some days later, the bearers are laid.
And up go the joists.
Insulation is next. Very clever squeeze-and-pop-in kind of stuff.
Finished floor and deck (where the entrance will be).


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)