Abel Tasman boat tours

We haven’t yet managed to get out to the park this season, but with our international visitors here this summer, we did two boat tours within just a week. Starting with Stew’s very informative Eco Tour and a week later with friendlier weather on the Sea Shuttle again.

Eco Tour boat waiting at the bus station
Going down the boat ramp
A large group of oyster catchers right next to the starting point of the tour
Looks like an ordinary sea gull to me
A kereru at Fisherman Island
A freezing cold and misty morning
Still fascinating
At the Spotted Shag colony
Hiding a leg
Our first seal of the day
Many more to come
Weather still not getting any better, but looking dramatic
At Frenchman Bay
Spoonbills at Sandfly Bay
Going up Falls River
Stopover for lunch
An (Eagle) Ray?
Stew in his element, explaining wildlife at the marine reserve
More seals!
At Tonga Quarry
Cicadas everywhere, what a noise!
Te Pukatea Bay, spotless as always :)
Kayakers using a sail to speed up their way back
Low tide tractor getting us out of the shallow water
Highlight of the Seashuttle tour: A group of dolphins at Medlands!
Amazing animals, following our boat for a bit.
I can only guess how large that animal must have been.
Dry inlet at Bark Bay