Two days in Golden Bay

After the obligatory stopovers at Hawkes Lookout and Waikoropupu Springs we went to see vibrant downtown Collingwood (:P) and ended up on the West Coast after 30km (felt 300km) gravel road around the Whanganui Inlet.

Weka Art Workshop near Collingwood. An absolute must-see for creative people.
Heavy clouds on the West Coast
Freshwater crayfish at a dark creek
Glowworms, wetas and spiders all around
The walk to Wharariki Beach
At Wharariki Beach
And endless sea of fine white sand
Some seals on the beach waiting for us
People keeping at distance
Seals can be quite fast
Playing (fighting) with each other
Those famous rocks of the Windows 7 wallpaper
Seal posing in front of an island that looks like a seal
Dune jumping!