Winter Holidays 2020: Nelson Lakes to Blenheim

First day of this year’s winter holidays… after two months of lockdown finally further away from home than we can throw a gumboot!

Arriving at Lake Rotoiti, the ducks were already waiting … notice the shadow of mum duck.
Most instagrammable photospot in the region?
Choosing the lakehead track for today’s workout.
Another landing in the same bay, so which is the famous one?
At least this one is preferred by the (massive) eels that circle underneath in schools.
Mt Robert behind a black honeydewed beech.
And here we go, posing on the beach :)
Looking out for everyone.
Making memories.
The green native bush between beach and track.
A black swan… swanning.
Up and down along the lake side.
Beauty in the details.
Sometimes further down the track …
… and back.
After a long drive through the beautiful Wairau Valley: The Lagoons Walkway.
An abundance of bridges into the blenheimian brackish mudflats.
A 3 hours loop walk, that we did in half the time because we knew the light would go out at 5.
Just a short stop to admire the canal.
Sure it’s not so muddy 360 days in the year.
And here we saw it the first time: The rusting remains of the Waverley ship.
Curious what’s inside (nothing but mud).
Sun is setting fast at this point.
With a little help from your friends!
Walking party :)
Last picture!
Back on the longer path that follows the lagoon shoreline.
Must have been a big job to do all these bridges and wooden walkways.
Above the saltmarsh.
A lonely river in the wintery lagoons.
Glasswort plants covering the marsh.
Water breaks through the glasswort.
Just a few kilometres to the car park.
Phones out everybody! No, not for sunset selfies, for flash lights…


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)