Winter Holidays 2020: Marfell’s and Ward Beach

From Blenheim to Lake Grassmere, along the coast, having a few breaks at popular sights.

A blue eared ghost wandering the open hallways in the early Morning.
Driven by a wish to see the sea and a very capable teenie!
Old and new Awatere River bridges in one picture.
Seddon, the Anzac Memorial.
The Lake Grassmere Salt Works.
Heading East on the southern edge of the lake.
Where Grassmere-meets-sea Beach.
Same beach, other direction.
Walking the beautiful banded sands of Marfell’s Beach
Beach findings.
Purple daisies for colour.
Crumbled sandstone hill sides.
That’s a warm welcome to Ward Beach!
Dry kelp on the sand.
Kelp infused water holes in the lime ‘pavement’.
Phantastic rock formations.
Karst on the beach!
Let’s take that perfect ball home!
And there’s more of them!
Beautiful marbles.
And a marble warrior.
Lying around like lazy pale Mozartkugel.
Would be interesting to see a time lapse of how they were made…
Leaving Ward Beach going South via Ohau Point, visiting the seal colony.
Mums and pups warming up on the stones.
As if the rocks really were that comfy!
the other… perfecting lazyness!
That’s me! That’s me!



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