Pourangahau – Mt Robert

Walking the Mt Robert Circuit, 9 km/4.5 hrs return.

The decision to walk the circuit counter clockwise is made quickly: Short steep “Pinchgut” up, strouting the saddle, lunch at Bushline, the easier Paddy’s track down.
Patotara, Dwarf Mingimingi at the slopes of track.
A single harebell hanging its dew laden head.
First time we leave the forest and have a panoramic view north.
Ah, and here’s the panorama.
Further along the way, good kid waiting until Mum arrives.
And every track bend touches the forest, inviting to rest a bit.
Quite steep here!
Moss and lichen is colonising the trees, what a sight.
Very fairy.
Quite high already. Down on Lake Rotoiti there’s a speed boat event this weekend, the roaring sounds travel far up the hill.
More mossy pillows that I’d like to sink into.
What a cool world this must be under the microscope.
Nearly there… On the last legs through the last woody part.
And then we reach the top.
From now on the path leads back over the ridge line.
The first “Relax” Shelter (yes, that’s really the name). Unfortunately the comfy couch was booked out, only wooden planks. And no massage.
From inside out. Would be a good starting point for a Lake Angelus operation!
Here we turn left, heading back down already.
The feet are lighter now, and lunchtime comes into view.
Another panorama beauty!
Top of the scree field.
Dramatic descent. At least we don’t need to rubble down there.
Rainbow direction!
This nice person is waiting for me :)
But my photographer eyes still find stuff here and there…
and then the photographer feet have to follow quickly.
The private Kea hut (Nelson Ski Club) really stands out with the red/green combination.
And just 2 minutes from there, we arrive at Bushline Hut.
Intentions book, a few magazines and a bible.
Another round for the speed boat racers.
And down we go.
Looking back up, and relieved that we didn’t walk up here, very exposed.
Mountains and a corner of the lake.
The scree field pass.
These red cap guys were just waiting for me there!
And Lake Rotoiti was waiting for us :) Also the sandflies lol. In the backdrop lies Pourangahau, Mt Robert.


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