Touring Oahu, Part I

Sightseeing the Oahu East Coast.

Oahu’s East coast is rugged but absolutely worth a drive.
Stop at turtle island vista point, the golden sand crunches under our feet.
Mind set on another walk to make up for all the time sitting in the car.
The Maunawili ranges, a very steep mountain ridge famous for the instagrammable Pali Notches (which we skipped today lol)
Instead we went further North, to Kailua Beach.
Zebra dove investigating if we dropped some lunch.
The making of a beach lion.
Getting crowded quickly.
We move to the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden to get in touch with some tropical greens.
Everything is gigantic! o.O
And then we see these people at the water’s edge. Why is everybody staring in the water?
It’s fish! The edges are seamed with fish.
And very cute, orange ones at that.
The sky cleared a bit and opens up even more of the stunning mountains behind the garden.
Like waterfalls descends the wall into the valley.
Buste of the World Peace Award winner Master Ching Hai, a vietnamese religious leader.
The Byodo-In Temple, a replica but still impressive.
When entering, everybody gets to ring the bell (well it’s more like a battering ram and the ring is more a BUUUUUNG)
The temple guard was directing the tourists in and out of the temple
and most stopped to pray for a moment.
So picturesque.
But dinnertime is nearing, let’s drive back to the hotel and raid an ABC store for yummies.
Back row is relaxing shortly after leaving, sweet dreams :)


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