Last day on Oahu

Manoa Falls, Makapu‘u Lighthouse and some good memories.

A red 3-wheeled vehicle, driven by a roo.
The Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve is big, it rains every day, almost specifically over these mountains whereas the sun shines in Waikiki.
That’s why it’s so lush.
Did I mention the massive trees?
Manoa falls, after an exhausting walk in super humid conditions, sweat is making their own waterfalls on my face.
But wouldn’t miss it, the djungle is breathtakingly beautiful.
Afternoon laziness at the Sandy Beach park.
Watching the lifeguard vessel launch.
Deciding for a walk to the Makapu‘u Lighthouse, capturing the waves on the way there.
Then, from the parking, the path goes up, up, up, steadily.
Cool panorama from up there.
The lighthouse.
Looking down to Wawamalu.
Busy cleaning, loading and general nervousness.
And that was it already, returning to Big Island on a winged bus with the ultimate view.


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