Everyday life at Keauhou

What we do when there’s nothing to do!

Parking at Keauhou Shopping Mall, early in the Morning.
Looking down from there, lies the Kona Coast Resort.
Last drive of our Venza, we said our good-byes and now drive a new-ish Subaru Crosstrek.
Back at Kawaihae to ship the Venza to Maui.
Hibiscus in our garden.
Our garden at sunset, the most photographed situation at home I guess.
So let’s take a look what we do indoors.
Mainly crafts and drawing, followed by homeschooling tasks.
Elvis, Adele and other singers have been added to the project list already.
Friendship bracelet we made.
And this one.
Meanwhile, the others are cooking family dinner.
Driving up to the small Honualoa township
The air is usually fresher up the mountain.
At certain times, there is an organic sourdough bakery roadside stall.
On the other side of the highway is the community life going on.
A bit further lives Jesus, just opposite from the school.
Sunset from Keauhou.
The mall parking in the yellow alien glow.


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