Sunday Market

The Pure Kona Green Market is on!

The market in Captain Cook really is something special. Long drive but worth it.
It’s a recurring event in this little township on the belt road that is not to be missed.
Just exit the highway when you see the tents and follow the “parking” signs.
They guide you to a free parking on private land, the rest is walking.
Walking between the gazebos.
Walking up to the stall with the glittery hats and face masks.
Standing still to inspect the farm goodies.
Getting chatty with the green grocer, they have the most interesting choice of fruit and we eat lots of these!
Selenicereus undatus, the white-fleshed pitahaya.
This fruit grows on a cactus tree that is either climbing, leaning or sprawling. If held together and cared for they are sought after ornamentals, especially when in bloom.
Selenicereus megalanthus, the yellow dragonfruit, tiny compared to it’s pink sibling but sweeter and produces among of the largest flowers within the cactus family.
Unfortunately no boba tea this week, but we’ll be back :)
Turning back on the highway.
Random mail boxes on the way home.
The gorgeous look down to the coast.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)