Aloha Aina

Short history walk to the Kailua pier.

Time to look at some murals closely.
This is part of a 15 m long, appr. 3 high fence that surrounds the cliff underneath Ilima Court at Palani Ave/Kuakini Hwy. It’s called “Aloha Aina”, meaning “love for what nourishes you” (the land).
Same corner, facing seaward.
The Kamakahonu National Historic Landmark. Located on the grounds of the King Kamehameha Hotel, Kamakahonu’s documented history dates back to 1812.
The hotel has built a hut/entertainment platform, imu, and luau dining area abutting the reconstructed landmark structures. One of the most important historical sites in all of Hawaii, this is where Kamehameha I lived out the remaining years of his life and instituted some of the most constructive measures of his reign.
Also this is the spot where the first missionaries to reach Hawaii came ashore in 1820 and where they received permission from the king to remain.
After Kamehameha’s death, a hale poki (mortuary house) was built next to the heiau to hold his bones.
This mostly black and white mural by Dennis Westerlund highlights some of the history of the Big Island, including a humpback whale swimming below sailing ships while the Loihi volcano prepares to erupt below the Pacific Ocean. It was painted in 2012 along Palani Road on the wall of Big Island Harley-Davidson.
Traditional virtues and modern artistic expression.
And another day has passed, good night Kona!


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