1 Month old!

We’re so blessed to have you around, little one :)

Waking up to a bright day and turning 4 weeks already.
Yes, this little nose has been with us for a while now.
He’s keeping us entertained in the oddly satisfying hamster wheel of babylife.
So far, he’s a very quiet and content boy, sleeping a lot, yawning even more.
I know it’s still a bit vague but there’s uncanny resemblence here!
Eying one baby milestone after the other.
No, he’s not mobile yet, just holding up his head for a sec to see what we put in front of him.
1 month – here I am!
Way more comfortable is the leaning position, still working on that smile.
Getting grumpier by the second lol.
He’s had enough, he said. Well, More next time!
After a change of clothes, a bath, feeding and snuggling, all was well again.


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