Los Angeles

Kona – LA

The flight from Kona to LA went smoothly and baby on the lap turned out to be fine.
It was helpful that the plane was just 50% full so we had a spare seat to have him rest.
At the airport (again), in the middle of the night, looking for our shuttle bus.
Finally, falling with our faces flat on the pillows.
Just this guy is awake and has more fun than ever.
Such a happy face :)
Arriving in the city.
Seeing the towers of LA CBD on pictures is not comparable at all with the motorway approach we took.
Much closer to the ground.
That’s where we wanna go!
Cutting corners through town.
Until we reach THE sign, just in time for sunset.
And are able to relax a bit at a local food store (the even had Manner Wafferl) … What a first impression today was, can’t wait what we’ll do and see tomorrow!


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